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The “SharePoint Multiple File Upload Script” is a PowerShell script which uploads multiple files from a local folder or network share into SharePoint document libraries. It also provides the option to apply metadata to the files during upload using an XML manifest file.

It includes the following features:

  • Upload files from a single folder or an entire folder hierarchy
  • Retain the folder hierarchy from the source path into the destination document library
  • Choose the root or a specific destination folder in the document library to copy the files into
  • Support for adding values to the following column types in the manifest file:
    • Single line of text
    • Multiple lines of text
    • Choice – Single value (drop-down/radio button)
    • Choice – Multiple value (checkboxes)
    • Currency
    • Number
    • Yes/No (checkbox)
    • Person or Group – Single value
    • Person or Group – Multiple value
    • Hyperlink or Picture
    • Managed Metadata – Single value
    • Managed Metadata – Multiple value
  • Automatic file check in after upload, if required
  • Automatic file approval after upload, if required
  • Option to overwrite existing files in the destination document library
  • Option to flatten the structure when copying from a multi-level folder hierarchy to a single folder in a document library (i.e., merging sub-folders to a single location)


One of the advantages of using PowerShell for this tool is the ability for you to customise the script should you wish to add any custom features. Any contributions would be welcomed!

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